WASHINGTON GRIDLOCK STRIKES AGAIN: Sen. Saxby Chambliss announced yesterday he will not seek re-election in 2014 citing the gridlock in Washington. Retirements because of gridlock are becoming more and more common. Check out this infographic from last year of lawmakers who have retired because of gridlock over the past 30 years.
LESSONS FROM LINCOLN: President Abraham Lincoln faced some of the toughest tests of any president throughout our country's history. He persevered and showed leadership that brought a broken country back together. Today's leaders could learn leadership lessons about the importance of resilience, forbearance, emotional intelligence, thoughtful listening and the consideration of all sides of an argument: Nancy F. Koehn for The New York Times: Lincoln's School of Management
AN IOWAN EXAMPLE: Gov. Terry Branstad of Iowa has shown what it takes to build trust among state lawmakers and the public. Branstad has toured his state listening to others and taking their feedback to talk about solutions to problems in education, healthcare and tax reform: Editorial for The Quad-City Times: Branstad strategy of compromise should serve as national model
THE DAILY BREAK: The Super Bowl is one week from today and politicians from the two cities often bet a local product against their counterpart from the other city. What could pols from Baltimore and San Francisco be betting on? Check out some of the most famous items from each city here.
ACTION OF THE DAY: Check our list to see if your representative voted YES on No Budget, No Pay last week. If so, thank them here.
STAT OF THE DAY: U.S. stock mutual funds attracted nearly $13 billion in net deposits during the first two weeks of the year — a complete turnaround from 2012. Are the markets getting used to DC gridlock? Associated Press: Fidelity strategist: Market used to DC gridlock

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