WHO WAS IN THE CAPITOL THIS WEEK? The answer: No one. Congress continues to be out of session after being sworn in a week ago. No Labels has proposed five-day work weeks in Washington for Congress so that they can get to work solving problems. "The way it's done now, you're never in Washington consecutively for more then two to three days. It's hard to get work done," says No Labels supporter Mickey Edwards: Lisa Desjardins for CNN Radio: Congress (Not) Working (AUDIO)

IT TAKES LEADERSHIP FROM ALL: Vice President Joe Biden is famous for his deal-making ability and believes that fellow politicians may be wrong but are rarely bad. This sort of attitude is needed throughout Washington and will help create the attitude needed to reach long-term solutions for America because, as Lexington notes, "backroom deals cannot save America. That will take leadership, right from the top." Lexington for The Economist: Joe Biden is not the answer 

EDUCATE THE PUBLIC: No Labels Co-Founder Dave Walker says that in order to reach an agreement to solve a major problem, Washington needs to give voters the facts of the deal. Elected officials could use some of No Labels five principles of leadership to accomplish this. Telling the full truth, working together, governing for the future, putting country first and taking responsibility will help educate the public and create greater support for an agreement: Dave Walker for USA TODAY: Take the debt discussion to the public

DON'T COUNT ON IT: Today is January 10, but some people are already taking comprehensive tax reform off the table for the rest of 2013. "In a perfectly divided Washington, a mix of politics, policy and personality has made a comprehensive rewrite of the nation’s tax system increasingly elusive in 2013, aides and lawmakers say," write Jake Sherman and Steven Sloan. Washington punts again: Jake Sherman and Steven Sloan for POLITICO: Tax reform prospects ebb in wake of cliff deal

RIGELL IS A PROBLEM SOLVER: Rep. Scott Rigell was not satisfied with the current climate in Congress so he decided it's time to fix it. Rigell has joined the problem solvers because he believes in the attitude of working across the aisle to create solutions to our country's biggest issues. Rigell will be one of 11 problem solvers to attend our Meeting to Make America Work! on Janurary 14th: Mike Connors for The Virginian-Pilot: Political compromise group to recognize Rep. Rigell

ANOTHER CITIZEN DEMANDING ACTION FROM WASHINGTON: Susan Adams is not happy with the fiscal cliff deal. "Instead of thinking what is best for me and you, policy makers put a Band-Aid on the problem and then kicked the rest down the road. They had the opportunity to do a grand bargain and failed," she writes. Her solution? Spread the No Labels message and tell our leaders to problem solve: Susan Adams for tcpalm.com: Letter: Join No Labels in demanding that policy makers do their jobs

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STAT OF THE DAY: In a Gallup survey, 26 percent of Americans say they are satisfied with the way things are going in the country, an improvement from 17 percent in 2011 — but still significantly below the historical average: Jeffrey Jones for Gallup: U.S. Satisfaction Improved in 2012, but Still Below Average

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