Why Asking “How?” Matters in 2016

By No Labels
October 30, 2015 | Blog

Presidential candidates will spend the next year proposing ambitious policy plans outlining what they want to do in office. But in 2016, a plan for what is valuable only if it’s accompanied by a plan for how. In gridlocked Washington, it is essential the next president is ready to seek policy solutions that are tailored to pass both chambers of Congress. Otherwise they’re just fantasies.

No Labels is monitoring the field to see which candidates appear to understand this reality, and yesterday we saw something encouraging.

Republican candidate Jeb Bush announced the framework for a plan to get Medicare and Social Security on a sustainable track, and in it he addresses a number of pathways that have buy-in from both parties. This plan is not just about what Jeb’s Bush’s team thinks make sense, but also what they think has a chance to be implemented.

Here’s one stand-out line:“Bipartisan problem solvers know what needs to be done and, with strong leadership, Americans can avoid sudden benefit reductions and have a smoother and more sustainable rate of growth going forward. Modest changes now can prevent even more painful cuts down the road.”

You can read his full plan here.

Without staking a position on the specifics of this plan, we believe his campaign deserves credit for opening this constructive dialogue on a vitally important issue that many others will steer clear of during the contentious primary season. We applaud Jeb Bush’s recognition that these issues require bipartisan buy-in, and encourage all the candidates to adopt this mentality and begin answering the crucial question: How?

Securing Medicare and Social Security for the next 75 years is one of the four goals of the National Strategic Agenda that No Labels is working to get all presidential candidates to embrace. You can read more about those goals here.

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