WORK TOGETHER: There is a growing tone of cooperation in Washington as both sides are starting to work across the aisle. "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid forged a deal with Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to reform the filibuster rule; Sen. Charles Schumer praised House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on finding common ground; bipartisan groups of House and Senate lawmakers are teaming up on immigration; a bipartisan House bill has been launched to stiffen penalties against straw purchasers of firearms; and House freshmen are planning a bipartisan bowling session this month," writes Alexander Bolton. Hopefully our lawmakers continue this trend and reach long-term solutions for our country's greatest problems: Alexander Bolton for The Hill: Signs of bipartisanship offer Obama window to move agenda

WILL THEY SOLVE THE PROBLEM? With automatic spending cuts less than three weeks away, elected officials in Washington seem less concerned by the prospect of missing the deadline for the spending cuts than they were with the fiscal cliff, writes Janet Hook. Our leaders need to find a solution for this problem by using our leadership principles of 1) Tell the full truth, 2) Govern for the future, 3) Put the country first, 4) Be responsible, and 5) Work together: Janet Hook for The Wall Street Journal: A Cliff Congress May Go Over
UNCERTAINTY HURTING THE ECONOMY: Uncertainty is causing companies to scale back projections for this quarter and Washington has directly affected this trend. Companies are concerned that consumers are reducing spending because of the gridlock in Washington. In fact, 63 companies who are on Standard and Poor's 500 company index have lowered their forecasts for first-quarter earnings, according to FactSet Research, while 17 have raised them, the largest disparity since the firm began tracking the data in 2006: Scott Thurm for The Wall Street Journal: Companies Fret Over Uncertain Outlook
NONPARTISAN POLITICS: "America has no shortage of great minds, ambition or will to succeed: our problem is that we are increasingly terrible at working together. Our culture has become far too acceptive of the “my way or the highway” mentality, not noticing that such a policy works in no form of government but a monarchy. Our republic is dependent on compromise for its success," writes Stefan Herlitz. His solution is to implement some of No Labels reform proposals to get Washington working again: Stefan Herlitz for The Daily Collegian: No Labels: The future of nonpartisan politics
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STAT OF THE DAY: The rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage stands at 3.53 percent, the highest since September but still well below the six percent level seen five years ago. Lower rates are encouraging for Americans to buy homes: Neil Shah for The Wall Street Journal: Vital Signs Chart: Mortgage Rates Highest Since September

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