Brookfield, Connecticut Residents go to Washington to Demand Bipartisanship

Washington, D.C. — Over 150 members of No Labels from 35 states took to the Capitol Monday to demonstrate against hyper-partisanship and in support of a bipartisan solution to our debt crisis. With time running short to reach a deal and avert a default, No Labels members, including some from Connecticut and Brookfield, descended on the Capitol to send Congress and the White House the urgent message, loud and clear, that the American people expect lawmakers to put country before party and work together to reach a deal and avert a default.

“Most Americans are not concerned with which party scores the most political points,” No Labels Founding Leader and No Labels Connecticut Co-Chair David Walker said. “They are worried about their jobs, their kids, and their futures. Those aren’t Democratic concerns or Republican concerns — they are American concerns. Both parties got us into this mess, now they must work together to achieve a substantive bipartisan solution. For the good of our country, get a real deal done.”

No Labels Connecticut Co-Chair Debbie Hauser remarked, “We need the No Labels bipartisan approach both in Washington and back home in Connecticut. On the federal level, our lawmakersmust come together to achieve a solution to our debt crisis — to do otherwise would imperil the American and global economies. This is an urgent crisis to face together and hyper-partisanship can no longer be permitted to prevail.”

“At the state level, Connecticut needs to not only address our short term budget challenges, but also begin to address the huge unfunded obligations and other factors that threaten not only the state's fiscal future but our children and grandchildren's futures as well. The challenges we face, from huge deficits to painfully high unemployment, will require true leadership and a genuine bipartisan approach from both sides of the aisle.”

Brookfield resident and No Labels Citizen Leader Al Smith added, “Over the past several years I have seen less and less governing and more and more finger pointing and polarization in Washington, DC. Congress has not been addressing the critical issues facing our country. There's been tons of hyper-partisan rhetoric but very few solutions. We need everyday citizens like us to demand that Congress change its ways. We have to be the ones to step up and make our voices heard.”

No Labels is a national citizens' movement of Independents, Democrats, and Republicans that urges bipartisan cooperation in the interest of common sense solutions. No Labels launched in December and is organizing at the grassroots level in all 435 Congressional Districts across all 50 states. Already, No Labels is 100,000 members strong and has 350 Citizen Leaders in over 225 unique Congressional Districts.

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