Dorsey Cartwright

Dorsey Cartwright


As a fifth-generation Texan with family in both political parties and as a retired marriage and family therapist, Dorsey Cartwright has long endorsed the importance of communication and compromise for the greater good.

Dorsey says, “My life and career have been a journey of healing wounds, exploring connections and fostering communication to help people create the relationships they are yearning for.”

“I can readily look at Democrats and Republicans as an old married couple going through tough times with a lot of negative history with one another but positive history as well,” she adds.

She believes in the need for people in any relationship to work together to move forward and says she sees a country that keeps getting “yanked back and forth.” As the No Labels Texas co-chair, she aims to see that seesawing end, not only for the country but for her own two sons and grandson.

“The issue that most concerns me is how people in government work with one another,” says Dorsey, who now resides in Austin, Texas. “That’s my focus. Bipartisanship is my north star.”

Through No Labels, Dorsey has connected with the movement’s leaders to address our nation’s challenges and has shared what she’s learned with fellow members.

“The No Labels community embodies a respect for differences and a genuine care about finding what’s best for our country,” she says. “I want that. I want that for my grandson. I want that for America.”