Suzanne McCafferty



Suzanne McCafferty

New York

As a media veteran who has produced and directed productions and trained major Hollywood clients, including MGM Studios and Universal Television, Suzanne McCafferty knows the media landscape from coast to coast.

Suzanne, a No Labels co-chair of New York, grew up in the Midwest and Texas and still remembers canvassing voters with her politically active parents.

As the mother of two sets of twins who are now adults, Suzanne took her children canvassing and laments, “Democracy worked when I was growing up as a kid but hasn’t worked since my children have been alive.”

Six years ago, it was that apathy about the country’s gridlocked government that led her to find No Labels and its Problem Solvers Caucus. And it’s why she sees the overall theme of “saving democracy” as her greatest mission.

Suzanne, whose great-great-grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War, sees the nation’s polarization as its biggest roadblock and something that has to stop.

“Whether it’s police safety, ballot access or the economy, if we don’t have people working together in D.C., we’re lost,” she says, noting that Congress has been taken over by “those who shout the loudest.”

She sees No Labels as a movement that wants democracy to not only survive but thrive.

“I really want to save democracy for my kids and my kids’ kids. If not now, when are we going to do this? It might be too late.”