Call a Vote on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill in the House

Statement from No Labels National Co-chairs, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Senator Joe Lieberman

Two months ago, the Senate passed with 69 votes the biggest infrastructure bill since President Eisenhower built the Interstate Highway System. For a rare moment, Democrats and Republicans were united behind the kind of big two-party solution that could bring together rather than divide our country. But ever since, a narrow fringe has refused to simply take a historic win for the country and they are jeopardizing critical investments and millions of jobs. It’s outrageous.

Unfortunately, President Biden and Speaker Pelosi have allowed this hostage taking to continue. They have not lived up to their word to hold a prompt, stand-alone vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill in the House.

That’s why we call on independent Democrats in the House and Senate to make it clear to the president and their party leaders that they will refuse to engage on or vote for any reconciliation package until the House has passed and the president has signed into law the vital, historic infrastructure bill.

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