Chaos Comes to Health Care. No Labels Calls Says Only Congress Can Find the Answer

President Trump just signed two executive orders that knocked out key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Democrats have denounced the decision. Republicans are defending it.

But for millions of Americans, it doesn’t matter what Democrats or Republicans in Congress think of what the president just did. It matters what they do now. And No Labels is calling on Congress to do something they have resolutely refused to do for all of 2017.

Find a durable bipartisan solution to ensure access to affordable and quality care for the American people.

Fortunately, the co-chairs of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus—which earlier this year released the only bipartisan health care fix offered in this Congress—today released a joint statement saying they are “ready to work with the president” on a bipartisan health care solution.

“Whatever you think of the president’s decision, the implications could not be any clearer. Both parties need to come together to find a solution. If they do not, lots of people are going to get hurt,” said No Labels chief strategist Ryan Clancy. “A challenge as big and complex as health care can’t be addressed by just an executive order. Or by one party. It requires both parties at the table—focused not on securing a better position for the 2018 midterms but securing health care for the American people. No Labels commends the co-chairs of the Problem Solvers Caucus, Rep. Josh Gottheimerand Rep. Reed for announcing their willingness to get to work. We hope others in Congress will follow their lead.”

The most disruptive executive order from President Trump was the suspension of cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments paid by the federal government to help low and middle-income individual afford health care insurance.

Without these payments, premiums in the individual marketplace could rise by 20 percent or more according to the Congressional Budget Office, while a million people could lose insurance altogether in 2018. Every congressional district in America—red, blue and swing—will be impacted by suspension of CSR payments. Consider:

  • Blue: (CA-32, Rep. Maxine Waters): 14,500 people receive CSR payments
  • Red: (NC-11, Rep. Mark Meadows): 29,200 people receive CSR payments
  • Swing: (PA-15, Rep. Charlie Dent): 11,600 people receive CSR payments

The health care fix released by the Problem Solvers Caucus earlier this year included funding Cost Sharing Reduction payments (CSRs) to prevent premium increases and allow for more options for consumers. But it also allowed for more flexibility at the state level, raised the employer mandate, and was fiscally responsible, provisions that were critical to gaining Republican support.

No Labels believes the Caucus plan offers a welcome foundation for other leaders in Congress to build on as they seek a bipartisan health care solution. No Labels is calling on Congress to begin bipartisan negotiations without delay.


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