College students – tomorrow you inherit the decisions of lawmakers today. But with a Congress riddled with destructive partisan tendencies, is anyone looking out for your future?

No Labels is blazing a new trail – one that calls for leaders of both parties to work together in the best interest of our nation. If you think our leaders can do better for you, and for our country, we invite you to join us on this ground-breaking path. Open a No Labels chapter at your university and be a part of the change that America needs.

Working toward a more productive Congress and stronger America with No Labels college chapters provides unparalleled opportunities for students:

·         Learn to build and sustain a grassroots political movement on your campus, in your city and even in your state.

·         Professional development and growth

·         Connect with a network of student and political leaders from across the country

·         Apply for an internship or fellowship at our D.C. office – spring, summer and fall availability

·         Attend high-level No Labels events across the nation – successful college chapter leaders have attended events in New Hampshire, New York, and Washington, D.C..

·         Become an integral part of a historic movement for bipartisan leadership  in American politics.


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