Use this tool to share your voice directly with Congress

Holding Congress accountable has never been more crucial. And now — for the very first time — you can send a video message to your lawmakers. There’s no better way to make a real impact and help secure our country's future! So what's your dream for America?

Our country seems stuck in a cycle of thinking small. In this era of unprecedented partisanship and polarization, we need to seek a new way for our government and for our country.

It is time for our political leaders to rise to the occasion, and to heed our Founders’ call to come together to build a more perfect union. This new video advocacy tool is an unprecedented way to tangibly impact Congress – and get our leaders to dream big.


Jon Huntsman's dream: Rally around big goals for all Americans
Bill Galston's dream: A society where every American can rise
Al Cardenas' dream: Well intentioned Americans coming together
George Washington University's dream: No more gridlock