FAQ: Congressional Problem Solvers

Who are the congressional problem solvers?

The congressional problem solvers are a group of House and Senate members who will meet regularly to build trust across the aisle. No Labels has been organizing and recruiting problem solvers, but the group will ultimately be independent of No Labels and set its own agenda.

Why are the congressional problem solvers needed?

In today’s Washington, Republicans and Democrats rarely meet with one another to discuss issues. There is no official or unofficial forum that enables members to talk freely about the problems facing our nation. This is the platform that No Labels problem solvers group will provide.

What is history of the congressional problem solvers?

No Labels started the problem solvers group with an idea that something needed to change in Washington. Today, we have a large group of members of Congress that continues to grow. Additionally, we had several candidates run under the Problem-Solvers Seal who were elected to the 113th Congress this year.

What can the Problem Solvers accomplish?

Every time a new person joins the problem solvers, the group grows a little stronger, and America gets a little closer to solutions on our big problems. The change will not happen overnight, but as the group continues to grow, so will its strength and possibility. The problem solvers first order of business will be to ask congressional leadership for a “Fiscal Report” so Congress, so the public knows exactly how much money comes in to the government and where it goes.

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