No Labels is a 501(c)(4) social welfare advocacy organization dedicated to activating citizens, organizing leaders and pushing for reforms to move America toward a new attitude of problem solving.

We understand there are real philosophical differences between Democrats, Republicans and independents. And we don’t expect our leaders or No Labels supporters to check their principles at the door.

But philosophy and principle have little to do with the dysfunction in Washington, D.C., where political games and pettiness increasingly drive the decision-making of our leaders.

Too often, it’s not the quality of a leader’s ideas that matters, but the label – Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative – that he or she wears.

You don’t need to shed your identity to join the No Labels movement. You can be a proud liberal, a proud conservative or a staunch independent. You just need to be open to the idea that people with different beliefs really can set aside the labels and come together to make our government, and our country, work again.

For all the talk about money in politics, the truth is that this is still a democracy, and democracy works when people voice their opinions.

Our drumbeat has the potential to take the podium away from the extremists and force leaders to listen to us. Every new member we can claim makes our voice that much louder.

Most broadly, we are focused on establishing a new process for governing – one in which leaders meet at the beginning of the next administration and agree on shared goals.

More specifically, we are pushing for the next President and the leaders of both parties in Congress to agree to:

  • Create 25 million jobs over the next 10 years
  • Secure Medicare and Social Security for the next 75 years
  • Balance the federal budget by 2030
  • Make American energy secure by 2024

We derived this set of goals by listening to our members and the voices of voters all across the nation.

Social and other divisive issues are used in politics to score points, stoke fear and anger and divide the nation. We believe there are plenty of issues that folks can agree on, so we focus on those instead.

This is our clear vision: In January of 2017, a problem-solver president is sworn into office, ready to meet with scores of members of Congress who have already committed, regardless of party, to start solving problems through a process that starts with setting shared goals.

In brief:

  • Many said we were crazy to propose legislation that said that as long as Congress failed to pass a budget, legislators would not be paid. But we got “No Budget/No Pay” passed and signed into law.
  • Our Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus passed a veterans health care bill called Health Care for Heroes.
  • We have Goal-Setting resolutions before both houses of Congress.
  • Two U.S. Senate hearings on No Labels’ concepts (our National Strategic Agenda and our “No Budget/No Pay” idea) have been held so far this year.
  • We are enlisting new members of Congress as Problem Solvers all the time. More citizens are signing up with us every day.

Actually, there are two things citizens can do to help right now.

  1. For a comprehensive list of items you can do from home or out in your community, check out our citizen’s toolkit.
  2. Contact your representatives in Congress. Ask that they ascribe to the new politics of Problem Solving and sign on to the Goal Setting resolution pending before both houses.

For more ways to help, contact:

No Labels has donors from across the country, some big, some small. We don’t reveal their names for a simple reason: We want the focus squarely on the issues that matter and the need for our next president and Congress to embrace a new National Strategic Agenda for America. The four goals of the National Strategic Agenda were decided with direct input from the American people, who were asked to identify their priorities in a number of national polls. That’s who is setting the direction for No Labels.

One battle at a time. While we are always turning up new talent and leadership working at the state level, for now we are focused on getting DC back to work.

Americans will never agree 100% about anything. For our democracy to work, we need both parties to come together to pass big ideas. To do this, it’s essential to recognize that people come from different ideological viewpoints. But just because you disagree about Issue A doesn’t mean you can’t agree about Issue B.

No Labels’ job is to find leaders who are less interested in what divides us and more interested in what unites us. We know we can turn the energy of agreement and shared goals into a force that gets results for the American people.