General David Petraeus Discusses Strategic Leadership

David Petraeus is a retired United States Army General, having served in the military for 37 years. During that time, he was commander of U.S. Central Command and led combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. After retiring from the service, he served as director of the CIA during the Obama Administration. He is now chairman of the KKR Global Institute. Today, he discusses what kind of strategic leadership is needed to run and manage successful organizations.

General Petraeus identifies four tasks of a strategic leader: (1) First and foremost, get the big ideas and strategies right. (2) Communicate those big ideas throughout your organization. (3) Oversee the implementation of big ideas. (4) Determining how to refine the big ideas and adopt new ones. According to Petraeus, this last task is often overlooked and can make the difference between a currently successful organization and a continuously successful one.


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