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Is the American public really clamoring for the White House’s multitrillion domestic spending plans? That’s what a series of national polls seems to suggest. But a survey No Labels just fielded in 10 of the most important 2022 swing congressional districts (GA-07, ME-02 MN-03, NH-01, NV-04, OR-05, PA-17, VA-07, NJ-05 and VA-07) reveals a much more complicated picture that challenges that assumption.

  • Across all districts surveyed, majorities of voters are split or opposed to spending on the scale proposed by the White House across infrastructure, climate change, and social welfare programs.
  • 55% of voters across all districts want an infrastructure bill to be bipartisan and the sweet spot is clearly one that costs less than $1 trillion (just 12% support a $2 trillion+ bill).
  • Voters in all districts are less likely to support members of Congress who vote for spending $4 trillion dollars.
  • Voters are less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes to raise taxes by $1.8 trillion
  • Voters are less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes to expand the deficit by $2 trillion with new spending.
  • Voters are concerned about and largely against tax increases with 2/3rd of voters concerned that raising taxes could cost the economy jobs and 60% fearing tax-the-rich policies and new corporate taxes will have a broader impact than just on the wealthy.
  • Voters in swing districts are concerned that Democrats are going back to the politics of a big tax-and-spend welfare state rather than simply proposing big programs to deal effectively with the country’s big problems.
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