About the Problem

America’s job creation engine is sputtering.

Startup companies are responsible for nearly all new net job growth in the United States. But for the first time in modern history, more startups are dying than being born.

Business startups have been declining steadily in the U.S. over the past 30 years. But the startup rate crossed a critical threshold in 2008, when the birth rate of new businesses dropped below the death rate for the first time since these metrics were first recorded.

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About the Policy

One of the most powerful drivers of technological innovation has been open source software, in which source code is made available to everyone to study, change and distribute however they please. Sharing more knowledge inevitably leads to more innovation. The federal government produces billions of dollars worth of data and basic research every year, much of which should be made available for private sector research and development purposes.

Public Support

67% of All Polled
74% of Democrats
67% of Republicans
60% of Independents

Polling data derived from three national surveys conducted by Cohen Research Group in February and March 2016. Each survey had a sample size of at least 1,000 registered voters with a margin of error of +/- 3.1%