In New National Ad From No Labels, National Co-Chair Larry Hogan Hails Bipartisan House Problem Solvers and Senate Allies For Spurring Passage Of COVID-19 Relief Bill

In the wake of the U.S. Congress voting to pass an urgently needed COVID-19 relief bill, No Labels released an ad saluting the bipartisan group of senators and House Problem Solvers Caucus members who revived the negotiations that led to ultimate passage of the bill. The ad features new No Labels national co-chair and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who said, “This is what real bipartisan leadership looks like. This relief package will save lives, save businesses, and save jobs. It’s what Americans have been waiting for.”

You can view the full ad here.

For months, leaders in Washington were unable or unwilling to pass a successor bill to the March CARES Act despite a clear and growing need for one. But a bipartisan group of senators and members of the House Problem Solvers Caucus spent months working relentlessly to find common ground and on December 1, they released a compromise $908 billion proposal. The final COVID-19 relief bill that passed today closely tracks both the topline number and many of the particulars of the “908” proposal.

Added Hogan, who was announced as No Labels national co-chair on December 15, “I saw up close the way this bipartisan group of House and Senate members worked through tough issues together and how they just would not give up. They knew the American people needed help and they put their differences aside to deliver relief. This bipartisan agreement must be just the start. As we look toward 2021, this is how our government needs to work, with Democrats and Republicans putting the labels aside and putting country before party.”

No Labels has inspired the creation of the House Problem Solvers Caucus—which in this Congress featured 50 members evenly divided between the parties. And since last year, No Labels has been bringing House and Senate members—from both parties—together to talk about where they could find common ground. These “bicameral” meetings—which have been attended by Governor Hogan—are becoming the place where an entirely new approach to governance is being born. A place where rank-and file-members, frustrated by the breakdown of regular order and the refusal of others to compromise, are taking the initiative to forge their own solutions.

In the wake of the December 1 $908 billion COVID-19 relief proposal, The Hill noted that the power of No Labels’ House and Senate allies could “grow exponentially in the next Congress.”



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