Statement on Jan. 6 from National Co-chairs Gov. Larry Hogan and Sen. Joe Lieberman

A statement from No Labels National Co-chairs Gov. Larry Hogan and Sen. Joe Lieberman regarding the actions that took place on January 6, 2021, and how they continue to shape our political system a year later:

Former President Trump may have lit the match on January 6th. But America—with the relentless anger and even hatred building up in our political system—has been piling up the tinder for a long time.That is why this week needs to be about more than denouncing the perpetrators of January 6. We need to make this an occasion of unity and forward-looking optimism about what America can and should be.We can spend this week attacking each other, engaging in the very kind of tribal warfare that led to the horrific events of a year ago. Or we can seek to bring the country together to solve the serious challenges we face.As we enter the first federal election year since the January 6 insurrection, we call on legislators of both parties to reject the harsh divisions of the last several years and search for two-party solutions. With an evenly divided Senate and a near-even split in the House, lawmakers have an unprecedented opportunity to truly come together with a plan to restore truth and respect in governance, putting the nation’s business ahead of partisan loyalties.Other organizations and political actors will speak and act this week in a manner that will elevate the loudest and angriest voices in our national town square.  The No Labels community is sending a different message: Out of anger and division can come unity. All it takes is purpose and effort.If you want to make this week about unity over division, about optimism over destruction, please join our movement here.

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