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No Labels is a citizens' movement that gives a voice to those who occupy the “middle majority”—the huge numbers of Americans who, regardless of political ideology, believe country is more important than political party, and who want our leaders to work across the aisle to find common-sense solutions to critical issues.

For too long, a small number of ideologues on both sides have driven the national agenda. Because they’re dedicated and organized, they vote consistently, and they support likeminded candidates. It’s time for the rest of us to do the same. We need to plan. We need to vote. We need to put our time and money on the line to support bipartisan leaders. And we need to make sure our leaders know we are many, we believe in moving forward instead of left or right, and we will hold them accountable.

That’s why it’s so important to share the No Labels message in our communities. Working together in every state, we will drive a bipartisan agenda that tackles the urgent issues confronting our nation, from the budget and immigration to health care, jobs, and national security.

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Politics Really is Local

Change doesn’t begin in Washington. It’s up to citizens like us to build bridges, work together, and support common-sense solutions and bipartisanship. Join our network of citizen leaders and help organize advocacy efforts in your community.

Promote the #MiddleMajority

Like it or not, Twitter has become a critical part of our civil discourse. Want to help emphasize the “civil” part of political debates by working against the extremes and supporting problem solvers in Washington, D.C.?

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Do you believe the extremes have hijacked our politics? Become one of our citizen activists working to promote unity and fight ideological infighting, get access to exclusive news and events, and work with Ambassadors across the country.

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Citizen of the Month

NameChelle (Ruth) Stoner
Home State: Minnesota
No Labels Member Since: 2010

I came to No Labels through an initial phone call from a Congressman from MN, Representative Jim Ramstad.  He served in MN 3rd congressional district for 18 years.

He called me in 2010 and explained the No Labels message.  He said “the country is hungry” for civilized debate, signs of progress and restored faith in their government’s ability to govern. The disintegration in Washington was due to many manmade factors such as the pace of technology, gerrymandering, the cost of time, too many cameras in too many meetings where deals usually get done.  Good citizenship was instilled in me by my father.  The No Labels is an organization with a North Star that I believe in.

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