Kansas – Glenda Reynolds

Kansas – Glenda Reynolds

As a lifelong Kansas resident, Glenda Reynolds, No Labels’ state co-chair, has had a long history with the Sunflower State that not only includes raising her family there and working 27 years in the social services field, but also running twice for the Kansas House of Representatives.

In 2010, during her first run for the state legislature, she learned that voters often prioritize a candidate’s party affiliation. That’s why in 2012, when running for a second time, she opted not to list her party. Although she was met with a lot of mutual agreement about her views, upon revealing to those inquiring that she was a Democrat, many said they could not vote for her.

“That’s when I decided politics would be better if we or ballots weren’t labeled with party affiliation,” says Glenda, who liked what she found when she discovered No Labels.

She and her husband Ernest attended the No Labels 2017 Problem Solvers Conference, and she has been active ever since.

Glenda says, “I believe this is the most critical time for us to be involved in the politics of our country. It’s just getting more and more corrupt — on both sides.”

She sees the economy, health care and lack of safety as America’s most concerning issues, with the latter especially concerning because her grandson works as a police officer in Wichita.

“Every time I hear there’s been a shooting or an officer down, I’m always checking if officers were shot on his street,” says Glenda. “Health care is especially concerning, because if you don’t have good insurance and get really sick, it can just wipe somebody out financially.”