Kathleen Reyes

Kathleen Reyes

South Carolina

Retired CPA and former New Mexico No Labels co-chair Kathleen Reyesnow leads No Labels in South Carolina, and she still remembers the first No Labels event she attended in January 2012 a rainy cold day in New York City.

“You could see the Empire State Building,” recalls Kathleen, about looking out from the venue at New York University where about 1,500 people were gathered to officially launch the No Labels movement.

The mother of two sons and four grandchildren, who recently re-located to the state of South Carolina, has always voted for the person and not the party.

“I truly am an independent,” Kathleen says.

As a person who for years used detail and preciseness in her work as an accountant and financial planner, she’s very concerned about the nation’s finances, its out-of-control inflation, the amount of government corruption that exists and the border crisis.

“So those are my concerns based on my background, but my real concern is they’re not listening to the people of the U.S.,” she says. “To me, that goes against what our country was founded on and could be the beginning of the end if that continues.”

She likens the tenacity of No Labels mission to offer Americans a commonsense alternative to the same quality her mother always said she and her other siblings had. That quality was persistence.

“All the corruption is so evident and there are no ramifications, and nobody seems to be addressing it,” says Kathleen. “It’s heart-wrenching that this is going on. Thank God No Labels is persisting.”