Letter: Delegation should join Problem Solvers

Dear Sens. Hassan and Shaheen, and U.S. Reps. Pappas and Kuster: As you represent us, we ask that you continue to: put our country (and state) first, govern for the future, show civility and respect, be accountable and tell us the truth, strive to unite our nation, and work together with Republicans to find common-ground solutions.

You may say you are doing this already and will continue, but we ask that you do so as members of the Problem Solvers Caucus and by regularly participating in the No Labels bicameral meetings (open discussions between the U.S. Senate and House). As you likely know, Reps. Pappas and Kuster, to be a part the House Problem Solvers, you need to join with a Republican counterpart. The caucus fosters bipartisan discussion and may present a significant opportunity to advance legislation beyond strictly a Democratic Party-led effort.

In the Senate last year, there were three Republican and three Democratic senators who were working alongside the Problem Solvers, but New Hampshire was notably missing from this group. We hope that our senators will join this group along with two other Republican senators from other states in the coming legislative year.

Sens. Hassan and Shaheen are not among the bipartisan senators who appear in the No Labels “Respect the Vote” commercial now airing. Nonpartisan actions will help unite our nation and enable progress. No Labels: Problem Solvers of NH encourages action now.



This article first appeared on Concord Monitor


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