LETTER: Those wanting less division can support No Labels


I have good news for Marie Weissman and Rich Sanford and all your readers feeling the urge for our leaders to find common ground.

There is an organization called No Labels whose mission is to combat partisan dysfunction in politics and “usher in a new era of focused problem solving in American politics.”

Their biggest success is the formation of the Problem Solvers caucus in U.S. House of Representatives. The Problem Solvers caucus has 50 members, 25 Democrats and 25 Republicans and cannot endorse any legislation unless 75% of the members approve of it. They are committed to finding common ground and common-sense solutions to the country’s toughest problems.

The Problem Solvers Caucus has worked to find solutions in infrastructure, criminal justice reform, gun and school safety, rule reform and health care. They wrote the “March to Common Ground” Covid-19 stimulus framework, a bipartisan solution for all Americans suffering through the pandemic.

No Labels also started “Get In The Room” meetings on Capitol Hill. These meetings are open to any legislator and their key staff to discuss any issue they wish to. More and more members have begun to attend including, Senators and a Governor (who plans to invite more Governors).

In addition, the Georgia chapter of No Labels has gotten the attention of several Georgia state legislators who are interested in common sense solutions.

For those of you who are tired of our leaders putting “party before country” go to Nolabels.org and check out the Facebook page of No Labels Georgia.

David Saltz


This article was first published on Tribune Ledger News


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