Local Resident Part of National ‘No Labels’ Movement

Newtown's Pat Oliver is part of a national political movement calling for “hyperpartisanship,” in support of a bipartisan solution to the country's debt crisis.

She along with more than 150 members of a group dubbing themselves, “No Labels,” rallied in Washington, D.C. on Monday asking lawmakers to reach a deal before the U.S. Treasury runs out of cash and risks debt default.

“In order to address the challenges facing our nation, we have to start congratulating compromise instead of punishing it, to give cover to those willing to move away from the extremes in their party,” Oliver said in a press release issued by No Labels. “If a lawmaker is willing to work across the aisle, we want them to know that a bipartisan approach will not be punished, but rewarded.”

No Labels launched in December as a collection of Independents, Democrats and Republicans who are pressing a message of bipartisanship among lawmakers in addressing the country's problems, including an impending debt crisis.

The Washington Post reported that President Obama and House Speaker John A. Boehner were working Thursday to strike agreement on a plan to reduce the national debt with no new taxes but significant cuts — $3 trillion over the next decade — to health and retirement programs. That move has raised the ire of some Democrats, the newspaper reported.

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