Maine – Justin Schair

Maine – Justin Schair

As a businessman, foreign affairs columnist, board member, husband and father, Maine No Labels Co-Chair Justin Schair wears many hats. Yet, he’s never labeled himself a Democrat or Republican.

A graduate of Hofstra University and later Northwestern University, Justin has long been devoted to reform politics, as a proponent of education, economic empowerment and an advocate of equality and social and civil rights.

“I’m a big believer that people’s opportunity and life success are not determined by their zip code,” says Justin, whose goal is to help his state’s residents thrive.

What troubles him deeply is seeing so many people put party before country.

“The Democratic and Republican parties are comprised of decent people trapped in a bad system, driven by a political industrial complex that is deeply corrosive,” he says. “I think when we come together a lot of those divisive issues — they become relatively unimportant.”

An advocate of the United States maintaining its position as a strong military and economic leader, Justin worries that without both, America will lose its global competitiveness and its ability to use economic, diplomatic and military power as a force for good in the world.

Says Justin, “We have troops in countries around the world. It’s an unbelievable service to the world. There’s no question the world is a better place because of the U.S., and we’re heavily rewarded for providing that service.”

In Maine, Justin says he comes from a place where people think for themselves and aren’t afraid to buck party politics.

“They don’t need parties to tell them how to vote. They’re independent-minded, whether Democrat or Republican or something else. Mainers are very thoughtful, decent people and care a great deal about their state. The mission of No Labels resonates very closely with how most Mainers think.”