Manchin finds common ground

MANCHIN FINDS COMMON GROUND: No Labels Honorary Co-Chair Sen. Joe Manchin has a history of working across the aisle to find solutions that better the country. On countless issues, Manchin has been at the center of the debate and believes he should never be against something unless he has a better idea. “You rarely see any senator get involved in more issues so quickly and yet so effectively,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer: Jonathan Weisman for The New York Times: Senator Manchin Takes On Democratic Party Leaders in Pursuit of a Middle Ground
STAYING BEHIND PARTY LINES: In the 113th Congress, only 59 members break with the party line more than 10 percent of the time — the vast majority votes with their party on nearly every vote. This hasn't always been the case — “30 years ago most lawmakers had records that put them somewhere in between the most liberal Republican and the most conservative Democrat. Now there are just a relative handful,” write Brian Resnick, Brian McGill and Ella Krivitchenko for National JournalCheck out this graphic showing the growing partisanship.
LOSING FAITH: Lawmakers involved in the bipartisan budget conference continue to say that the two “budgets are dramatically different.” With just a month until their deadline, some of the members are concerned that they will not be able to reach a deal, leading the government to yet another 11th-hour confrontation: Erik Wasson for The Hill: Frustrations mount on pace of budget talks
NO IMMIGRATION: House Speaker John Boehner said yesterday there will not be a joint conference committee to discuss immigration reform as the House will not enter negotiations with the Senate. This is a significant blow to the chances of comprehensive immigration reform being passed in Congress. Lawmakers need to continue to have discussions to solve the major problems facing America: Aaron Blake for The Washington Post: Boehner rejects conference committee with Senate’s immigration bill
DYSFUNCTIONAL SPENDING: The stopgap solution passed in October to end the government shutdown kept spending at last year's levels — which includes millions of dollars to protect 2012 presidential nominees. “Stopgap spending bills that keep the government running, passed by Congress in the absence of a comprehensive deal, often keep federal policies in place that no longer make sense,” writes Damian Paletta. Passing a budget, instead of a short-term stopgap, would help make sure mistakes like this are not made: Damian Paletta for The Wall Street Journal: Budget Battle Breeds Dysfunctional Spending
FARM BILL STILL AN ISSUE: The time leading up to Thanksgiving will be critical for the future of the farm bill as the joint conference committee continues to negotiate. One of the issues now facing the negotiators is the use of different numbers and calculations for a potential bill: David Rogers for POLITICO: Farm bill remains challenge
NO LABELS RADIO: Get your questions ready and tweet them using #NoLabelsRadio. Yours might get answered live on No Labels Radio this Saturday at 10 a.m., Eastern time on SiriusXM's P.O.T.U.S. station, channel 124.
THE DAILY BREAK: The Newseum has added an exhibit based on the film Anchorman. Get a virtual tour now.
STAT OF THE DAY: Twenty-six percent of Americans say that the top problem in America is dysfunctional government, which finished above healthcare, the economy, unemployment and the federal debt: Alyssa Brown forGallup: More Americans Mention Healthcare as Top Problem in U.S.


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