More partisan than ever

MORE PARTISAN THAN EVER: The nuclear option would make it easier for the Senate majority to approve presidential nominations, but it opens the door for more fighting in the chamber. “President Obama will get a short-term lift for his nominees, judicial and otherwise, but over the immediate horizon, the strong-arm move by Senate Democrats on Thursday to limit filibusters could usher in an era of rank partisan warfare beyond even what Americans have seen in the past five years,” writes Jonathan Weisman, who also predicts we may see less lawmakers working together to craft bills across the aisle. We have a proposal that makes the nomination process more efficient and cuts down on filibusters in our Make Congress Work! reform plan: Jonathan Weisman for The New York Times: Partisan Fever in the Senate Likely to Rise
HISTORY OF THE FILIBUSTER: How has the filibuster evolved since it was first introduced? Find out here.
CONTINUING TO TALK: The budget conference committee could not reach any agreement before leaving for their Thanksgiving break, but lawmakers are hopeful they can get something done. Senate Budget Committee Chair Patty Murray and House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan are eager to avoid another government shutdown and are focused on finding solutions. “As a result, people close to the talks said Murray and Ryan have agreed to jettison for now any discussion of tax increases or cuts to federal health benefits — each side’s hot button — and focus instead on a more politically neutral category of potential savings known as ‘other mandatories,'” writes Lori Montgomery: Lori Montgomery for The Washington Post: Negotiators say they’ll continue to work on budget deal to replace sequester
FARM BILL TALKS STALLING: After a week of making no progress, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas says it will be very challenging for a final agreement on the farm bill to occur before December 13. The committee plans to talk on the phone Monday, but developments seem unlikely. “Failure to meet the Dec. 13 deadline means that the farm bill will be kicked over into a third year of debate after Congress failed to act in 2012 and is now at risk of doing the same for 2013,” writes David Rogers. Our leadership principles call for our lawmakers to govern for the future and it is time for Congress to do just that: David Rogers for POLITICO: Farm bill talks stumble
DAY OF REMEMBRANCE: Today marks the 50-year anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. He was a figure who inspired the country to work together to achieve the impossible. As we look back at his presidency, our leaders can learn from his entrepreneurial spirit and move our country toward common goals for a better future — working together “not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Follow a live stream of events from November 22, 1963 on CBS News.
NO LABELS RADIO: No Labels Radio with Jon Huntsman continues tomorrow morning at 10 a.m., Eastern time, on SiriusXM's P.O.T.U.S. station (channel 124). Be sure to tune in for an exciting show with guests Joe Scarborough and Michael Useem, and join the conversation by tweeting with #NoLabelsRadio.
STAT OF THE DAY: The Dow Industrial Average closed above 16,000 for the first time ever: Alexandra Scaggs, Serena Ng and Kate Linebaugh for The Wall Street Journal: Fed, Profits Push the Dow to 16000


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