National Strategic Agenda

You probably don’t need to be told that childish name-calling and directionless debates have replaced principled discussion and intellectual honesty as the hallmarks of our politics.

But No Labels believes that our leaders can change their stripes and put the country first…if we give them a jump start. Toward that end, we’ve developed the Policy Playbook for America’s Next President, a “crib sheet” of 50+ no-brainer policy ideas that will move America forward…ideas that the next President can begin to work on right away, in Minute One of his or her presidency.

The common-sense, common-ground ideas in the NSA run the gamut from tax, budget and regulatory reform to improvements in energy, technology, education, healthcare and entitlement policy. We plan to formally unveil the NSA in the Spring of 2016.

For now, we are focused on informing the public that No Labels has their back, and that the NSA is one of the ways we plan to help our leaders out – and hold them accountable.

You can help. Add your name to our growing roster of citizen activists and help us build a base of believers that will be too big to ignore.