If you're young in America, you feel it deep in your bones. Our generation will have to clean up the mess tomorrow that our government leaders are creating today.
Each day you are being barraged with new reasons to embrace the radical politics of the far left or far right and to target your righteous anger at those “evil people” on the other side of the political divide.
But maybe you think a little differently. Maybe you think the only way out of this mess is for Americans from different places and perspectives to come together and work together to solve our country’s problems.
If you feel this way, then we invite you to join the growing No Labels Youth Congress. This is an opportunity for tomorrow's leaders – aged 18 to 35 – to learn from and with each other. As part of the No Labels Youth Congress, you will be invited to exclusive events with top political thinkers and elected officials and given the opportunity to lead our movement building efforts in your community.

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2021 Cohort

Grace Adebogun

Allen Anderson

Elliot Bachrach

John Board

Ilejn Brokaj

Kaira Brown

Emily Burns

Jontae Burton

Geoff Byrne

Daisha Carson

Jasmine Carter

Karl Catarata

Jr. Kenneth Ciccoli

William Conte

Kylie Couturier

Jianna Covarelli

Jack Crain

Bianca Dacres

Christina Damian

Noelle Dana

Celine Devilla

Troi Dixon

Abraham Figueroa

Mark Fraenkel

Amen Gashaw

Jeremy Goodman

Skyler de Groot

Luke Hertzel

Tanner Hines

Sofia Hoffman

Sophie Hoffman

Ian Holmes

Patricia De La Hoya

Ryan Hurley

Shawn Deadwiler II

Zoe Jensen

Bethany Kasprzyk

Tom Koenig

Abby Korb

Taylor Largmann

Lucas Leanza

Chendi Liu

Elizabeth Manning

Abigail Muller

Ryan Neely

Olivia Ngo

Tess Ostroff

Matthew Ouren

Luke Phillips

Zack Phillips

Ethan Plotkin

Ashwin Prabaharan

Samuel Pumarejo

Nicholas Ream

Davis Recht

Eli Redington

Rose Reilly

Adriana Rivera

Hannah Roth

Sophia Sabardine

Andrew Schaeffler

Carter Scott

Alan Shulman

Inaya Siddiqi

Will Sigal

Adam Smith

Matthew Sohn

Brock Splawn

Timothy Spunt

Jessica Stacey

Makenzie Taber

Leonor Torres

Patrick Townsend

Shanice Turner

Ashley Vincenzo

Christina Warner

Ally Watson

Michael Weppler

Alex White

Brandon Wu

Daniel Zargaran


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