No Labels Announces Joe Lieberman As Honorary National Co-Chair, Sets Sights On Electing A Problem-Solver President

No Labels — the national group dedicated to ending partisan gridlock and establishing a new politics of problem solving — today named Joe Lieberman, former U.S. senator from Connecticut and 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee, as the group’s new national honorary co-chairman.

Lieberman, who served in the U.S. Senate for 24 years and was former Attorney General of Connecticut, will join former Governor and U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman as a co-chairman.

“Joe was a proven leader and an undisputed problem solver in virtually every area of public policy when serving in the U.S. Senate,” Huntsman said. “His vision of a new culture in Washington, D.C. — where the politics of point-scoring is replaced by the politics of problem solving — is a great fit with our organizational goals, and I look forward to collaborating with him as we develop our National Strategic Agenda.”

Senator Lieberman is also co-chair of the American Enterprise Institute’s American Internationalism Project, a cross-party initiative designed to rebuild and reshape a bipartisan consensus around American global leadership and engagement.

“I’m delighted to be joining No Labels at this critical time,” Lieberman said. “We are getting closer, as a nation, to healing our divisions and working together, but we have a long way to go. The 2016 presidential elections are a great opportunity to focus on problem-solving, and No Labels is the only group that can make that happen.”

“No Labels is in high gear right now, perfectly positioned to influence the 2016 presidential election,” Huntsman added. “Last week’s election results gave clear validation — that America wants problem solvers serving in Washington, D.C.More than 60 winning candidates who support the process to create a National Strategic Agenda ran on a promise to work together on issues where there is consensus; presidential hopefuls must follow their successful lead.”

“As of today, we are calling on presidential candidates to support the process of developing a National Strategic Agenda — the roadmap that will guide a new president in the effort to reunite our country — and a new way of doing business that involves bringing leaders together to agree on goals first, then moving on to solving the nation’s most pressing problems. Joe will play a key role in attracting presidential hopefuls to our growing club of problem solvers.”

No Labels’ National Strategic Agenda is based on four widely agreed-upon goals (based on a nationwide survey):

  • Create 25 million new jobs over the next 10 years;
  • Balance the federal budget by 2030;
  • Secure Medicare and Social Security for another 75 years; and
  • Make America energy secure by 2024.

The completed National Strategic Agenda will be unveiled in New Hampshire and Iowa on October 5, 2015, just as the presidential election campaign season is ramping up. No Labels will work to inject the agenda into the presidential debate by activating its network of citizens, members of Congress, and state and local leaders across America.


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