What if everything we thought we knew about 2018 midterm voters was wrong? A new No Labels/HarrisX poll—released today in D.C. at a lunch to tout a new Break the Gridlock reform agenda—finds the public appetite for all out partisan warfare is at the breaking point. Americans want some new blood in the leadership ranks of both parties and radical changes in how Congress works. Among 1,000 likely voters surveyed from across the political spectrum and across the country:

  • 72% say both parties in Congress are supported by their most ideologically extreme members.
  • 55% believe the problems in Congress are mostly the fault of both parties’ leaders.
  • 79% think legislation should come to the floor of Congress only if it has significant support across parties.
  • 71% say that the next Speaker of the House should be someone who receives support from both parties rather than someone who is elected only by members of the majority party.
  • 64% would you like to see the rules of Congress changed, with the goal of giving more influence to members who want to pass bipartisan bills and less influence to members who only want to pass bills from one party.
  • Almost half – 49% — would support their member of Congress withholding their vote for the next Speaker of the House until these rule changes are enacted by Congress, opposed to only 28% who would not.


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