No Labels Mobilizes Behind Unprecedented Problem Solvers Caucus Bipartisan Health Care Fix

No Labels is mobilizing its nationwide network of supporters to build support for the ambitious bipartisan health care plan announced by the congressional Problem Solvers Caucus this morning.

The Problem Solvers Caucus Health Care Fix—which aims to reduce insurance premiums by shoring up struggling health insurance exchanges—is the ONLY significant bipartisan health care plan that has been proposed in this Congress.

“This is what leadership looks like, said No Labels national co-chair Sen. Joe Lieberman. “The Problem Solvers Caucus has unified behind a common sense and credible solution to stabilize the health insurance exchanges upon which millions of Americans depend. For months, No Labels has been saying a durable solution on health care would be found only when both parties are willing to come to the table. Now there is finally an opening for a bipartisan solution on health care, and we hope other members of Congress and the leadership will follow the Caucus’ lead and seize this opportunity.

No Labels—which inspired the creation of the 40-some member Caucus earlier this year—is organizing a broad grassroots campaign, in the hopes that the Caucus’ reform plan can be turned into law.

No Labels believes that the Caucus’ plan represents the best and likely only way forward for health care reform in this Congress.

“For too long, the health care debate has been defined by what’s best for each political party,” said No Labels co-founder Rep. Tom Davis. “Today, the Problem Solvers Caucus released a plan that puts the interests of the country first. These members did exactly what legislators are elected to do: They identified a problem and they worked relentlessly—with members of both parties—until they found a solution. Now, the real work begins to turn the Problem Solvers Caucus plan into a law that can start improving the lives of the American people. Other members of Congress should seize the opportunity to build on what the Problem Solvers Caucus did today.”

No Labels is a political reform organization featuring Democrats, Republicans and independents working to bring America’s leaders together to solve our nation’s toughest problems. No Labels has inspired the creation of an emerging congressional Problem Solvers Caucus—featuring over 40 House Democrats and Republicans—committed to working constructively across the aisle to get things done.


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