A No Labels Thanksgiving

A No Labels Thanksgiving

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By No Labels

When most of us make our lists of reasons to be thankful, politics and policy are probably not anywhere near the top. But there are a few genuine reasons to smile at Washington this year.

The crew at No Labels has a solid list of reasons we are thankful, and we thought we’d share them. Here are some things inside and outside Washington that make us grateful.

  • The Consensus. Americans of all stripes want bipartisan cooperation from their elected officials. A No Labels survey earlier this year showed that 8 in 10 voters think laws are more effective when leaders from the two parties collaborate on solutions. A more recent Harvard-Harris poll shows a similar percentage want President Trump to work with Democrats and vice versa.
  • The Caucus. The House Problem Solvers Caucus, a group of 48 lawmakers split evenly between Republicans and Democrats, has been working hard to make a difference and has been successful. We were glad to see the Problem Solvers Caucus sit down with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer this month.
  • The Health Care Bill. Earlier this year, the Problem Solvers Caucus created a bipartisan plan to make changes to the Affordable Care Act. Some of the primary elements of that plan were included in the Alexander-Murray health care bill, which Senate Democratic leaders say has the votes to pass.
  • The Support (That Means You). Thousands of donors provided financial support to No Labels this year and tens of thousands of people read content, wrote letters, signed petitions, answered surveys, shared posts and otherwise provided the fuel for grassroots activism. Without you, No Labels could not make a difference.

This list represents a lot of hard work, and there is much more ahead. To those of you who have taken action to create a functioning, bipartisan government, we wish you a hearty thanks — and a very happy Thanksgiving.

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