SHOWING SUPPORT – “Bipartisan ‘No Labels' orange pins worn during State of the Union address” by John McDevitt for CBS PhiladelphiaMore than 75 members of Congress wore orange pins to Tuesday's State of the Union address in support of a national strategic agenda:
FARM BILL – “House passes 5-year farm bill” by Kristina Peterson for The Wall Street Journal“The legislation is the first new comprehensive farm package since 2008 that is set to clear Congress and is the latest in a string of bipartisan deals forged by small groups of lawmakers,” writes Peterson. The Senate is expected to consider the bill later this week:
UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE – “Progress in Senate unemployment debate” by Burgess Everett and Manu Raju for POLITICO: Across-the-aisle talks are picking up and there seems to be progress in the Senate's debate on whether or not to extend unemployment benefits as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to hold a vote next week. The vote will most likely be the Democrat version of the bill and although Republicans would prefer to see their own bill voted on, they are not immediately dismissing the proposal from the other side of the aisle:
INCREASING DISTRUST IN WASHINGTON – “Why don't Americans trust the government? Because the other party is in power.” by Marc Hetherington and Thomas Rudolph for The Washington Post: “It is not that partisans love their own side’s ideas. Instead, they now deeply distrust their opponents’. As a consequence, public opinion does not encourage polarized politicians to rise above their basest instincts. Although public opinion did not create the polarization that has caused Washington to grind to a halt, it now reinforces it,” write Hetherington and Rudolph:
NO LABELS RADIO – Tune in to “No Labels Radio” with Gov. Jon Huntsman on SiriusXM's P.O.T.U.S. channel 124 this Saturday at 10 a.m., Eastern time. Professor Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School will be on the show to talk about his chapter on competitiveness and job growth in our book No Labels: A Shared Vision for a Stronger America. Join the conversation by tweeting your questions using #NoLabelsRadio:
THE DAILY BREAK – “The men of ‘Full House' reunited to help Jimmy Fallon with his nightmares” by Jordan Zakarin for BuzzFeed:
ACTION OF THE DAY – Join the No Labels #HowWeFixIt Campaign in support of a national strategic agenda:
STAT OF THE DAY – “Record-low ratings for Obama's State of the Union address” by Dylan Byers for POLITICOOnly 33.3 million people watched the State of the Union on Tuesday, the fewest amount since 2000:



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