No Labels: Putting Labels Aside in Washington

State of the Re:Union is committed to bringing our country back together, and our organization, No Labels, is working to make that goal a reality. No Labels is a national citizens’ movement of Independents, Democrats, and Republicans that urges bipartisan cooperation in the interest of common sense solutions. It is people like the readers of State of the Re: Union who will help change the culture of gridlock in Washington and move our country forward.

The political debate in Washington is at its most partisan in decades. No matter the topic – whether it is health care, the debt ceiling, or anything in between –politicians today are under the command of their political parties. This results in a government that is dominated by ideological extremes, which is both inefficient and unrepresentative of the average, moderate majority of Americans, 56% who believe that compromise yields the best solutions.

No Labels was formed in 2010 and represents these Americans, ensuring they do not get lost in the offensive politics of hyper-partisanship. The fiscal crisis is an issue that can affect all Americans, and a deal on the national debt should not fall victim to the myopic partisanship of lawmakers.

In our most recent No Labels national poll, 92% of Americans fear the fiscal crisis will negatively impact their financial future and 68% see the crisis as a threat to their job security. While this crisis keeps Americans up at night, Congress is scheduled to take more days off than working days before the August 2 deadline. Our latest campaign, No Deal, No Break, lets Congress know that inaction is unacceptable. No Deal, No Break calls on Congress to not take any vacations until a deal is reached on the national debt, with 83% of those surveyed agreeing with our campaign.

Both chambers of Congress have now heeded our call. Last week, the Senate decided to shorten their July 4th break, and today the House announced the cancellation of their upcoming mid-July recess.

At a time where politicians use toxic rhetoric to nurture pet projects and stall legislation, voters need to make a stand for bipartisanship. Americans acknowledge defaulting on our debt would be highly destructive to our already-fragile economy. A majority of polled Democrats, Republicans, and Independents said they were more likely to vote for a candidate who works with colleagues from across the aisle to reach a deal on the debt. The tide has turned in favor of bipartisanship across America. Now is the time to ensure Washington gets the message.

To learn more about No Labels, please visit our website at where you can sign our No Deal, No Break letter to congress. No Labels: Not Left. Not Right. Forward.

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