Extreme hyper partisanship has to stop. It is time for the citizens to take back the country and demand proper government. Because frankly, the government has long been acting just short of a drama-filled reality show and it is a little embarrassing.

Serious make-Congress-work rule changes and pieces of legislation are beginning to take hold on Capitol Hill. The latest is that a NO labels, problem solving, congressional workgroup is being formed. Fifteen Senators and House Reps have already joined.

Check out NO Label's Make Congress Work! Action plan: 1) NO Budget/NO Pay (no retro pay); 2) filibuster reform; 3) Up or down vote in 90 days on appointments; 4) regular bipartisan leadership meetings (no, they do not have them now; 5) regular, full Congress, Q&A time with the President (this has not happened in at least a decade; 6) an annual, independent presentation and signature of the nation's financial state of affairs (so all operate off the same numbers); 7) No negative campaigning against an incumbent (as it pits one congressional person against another), etc. Let your congressional leader know you do not want to be embarrassed any more.

Jill Rahrig Bourdon

Traverse City

The writer is a Traverse City NO Labels Citizen Leader.


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