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The Story

No Labels made its way onto the national stage in December 2010 with a launch event at Columbia University featuring 1,000 citizens from all 50 states and a keynote address by The New York Times columnist David Brooks.

No Labels cofounders—including Nancy Jacobson, Lisa Borders, Bill Galston, Clarine Nardi Riddle and Rep. Tom Davis—believed there had to be a way out of the endless cycle of partisan rancor that was and still is tearing our democracy apart.

Since then, hundreds of citizens have joined the No Labels movement each week and the numbers are growing every day. Over the last several years, No Labels has:

  • Inspired the creation of a durable bipartisan bloc in Congress called the House Problem Solvers Caucus with 48 members, evenly divided between Republican and Democrats, who are committed to working together to getting to “yes” on key issues.
  • Published numerous bipartisan reform plans that promote commonsense governance and policy-making, including Make Congress Work!, Make the Presidency Work!, Make Government Work!, and the 2016 Policy Playbook for America’s Next President. Two proposals from these booklets—No Budget, No Pay and Healthcare for Heroes—have been turned into law.
  • Had our leaders testify in front of the Senate about our National Strategic Agenda and our No Budget, No Pay idea.
  • Organized hundreds of thousands of citizens behind the No Labels movement, with citizen leaders in every state in the country and hundreds of thousands of citizens engaging with us every day online.

In 2018, No Labels launched its Break the Rules campaign, which is focused on pushing rule and procedural changes in the next Congress that will make it easier for bipartisan ideas and legislation to get hearings and votes on the House floor.

What We Believe

You don’t have to be a “centrist” or “moderate” to be a part of No Labels. Our ranks include liberals, conservatives and everyone in between. But we believe true leaders must be willing to come to the center when that’s what it takes to push back on the extremes and push forward ideas that make the American people’s lives better.
America is not nearly as polarized as the pundits and talking heads would have us believe.

In the places where ordinary people live, go to the grocery store every week, struggle to make ends meet and love their family and friends, people want dealmakers. They want problem solvers. They’re desperate like never before for our leaders to sit down and hash through their various concerns together.

These people have lately had almost no voice in America’s political system. But they do now thanks to No Labels.

There is a way forward on all these issues that our nation faces. Here and now, we need leaders to sit down, talk reasonably to the people on the other side, and forge some thoughtful and balanced solutions. We can’t wait much longer. That’s why the growing movement behind No Labels is working so furiously to get Washington solving problems again before it’s too late.

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