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Since its inception in 2010, No Labels has been working to bring a new politics of problem solving to our government. Ours is an organization unlike any other. While many political groups are working to push our leaders apart, No Labels is working to bring them together. We have built a potent network featuring hundreds of thousands of citizens and local leaders across America and almost 100 bipartisan allies in the United States Congress. We have proposed reform ideas and had them turned into laws passed by Congress.

And we’re just getting started.

When No Labels began in 2010, we didn’t have a definitive idea of what the organization and the movement would become. 

We knew there were millions of people across the country who were frustrated by the dysfunction in our government and who felt they did not have a voice in our political process. And we knew that we somehow had to organize this feeling into a coherent national movement that could start to fix our government and secure a stronger future for America.

But we’d have to figure out how as we went along – talking to people on Capitol Hill, leaders in state and local government and members of the business and nonprofit communities; and poring through polling data and historical research – to identify the root causes of our government’s problems and what No Labels could do about them.

This led us to develop reform plans to fix the dysfunction in our Congress and throughout the federal government and to build an unprecedented bipartisan group of problem solvers on Capitol Hill.

Today, No Labels is the voice for millions of Americans who want our government to work better and our country to be better. We’ve created the foundation for a movement. Now, we are building on that foundation with our biggest idea yet: a National Strategic Agenda for America.


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