“Absent divine or some similar intervention, dysfunction will remain everyone’s default position. That’s where No Labels comes in.”

Eleanor Clift
The Daily Beast

A Call to Revive America’s Political Center

In a populist era, can “elite” heavyweights get anything done? They need to resolve that reviving the American Dream for hurting working- and middle-class families will be Job One. After that, they need to recruit, raise money and promote civility and respect for the law—and act together. They need to apply their demonstrated leadership skills to heal (maybe save) the country.

Group Launches Effort to Protect Moderate Candidates From Primary Challenges

The initiative, organizers say, isn’t partisan, but rather aimed at encouraging lawmakers to focus on areas of consensus rather than of difference. The goal, said No Labels spokesman Ryan Clancy, is to “send a signal to members that there is a reward for governing like a problem-solver.”

The Future of the American Center

The most active centrist organization, No Labels, began six years ago in opposition to polarized, cutthroat politics. The problem with the group back then was that there was no future to a political movement whose first name is “No.” You have to be for something.

Pragmatism may yet prevail in America

The idea is that focusing on long-term goals in this bipartisan fashion will help break the gridlock in Washington and create momentum to tackle the other goals.

No Labels stakes out a national agenda

The idea is to set in motion a mechanism that could generate results even in a partisan environment. Agreeing that the country should have strategic goals is a first step.

Can setting bipartisan goals disrupt political dysfunction?

As the presidential campaigns compete hard to win over voters, the bipartisan group No Labels is trying to bring the parties together.

The Only Bipartisan Game in Town

But absent divine or some similar intervention, dysfunction will remain everyone’s default position. That’s where No Labels comes in, “the only serious bipartisan game in town.”

‘No Labels’ Stops Whining, Offers Political Agenda

Enter No Labels. Rather than confine themselves to wishful thinking about a third-party candidacy or endless scolding over partisanship, its members have come out with a robust agenda for congressional reform.

A plan for the next president

For too long, political leaders have told us they want to unite the country without telling us how. The National Strategic Agenda is the how.

Jon Huntsman issues ‘policy playbook for the next president,’ and an appeal to independent voters

Their mission is to unleash “an ambitious policy package that will speak to a critical and too-often ignored portion of the populace: 43 percent of Americans who identify as political independents and who will ultimately decide the 2016 election.”

No Labels Seeks a NonPartisan Washington

Amid one of the most heated, polarized election cycles in modern U.S. history -- itself set against a Congress and White House paralyzed by left-right gridlock -- a group dedicated to uniting liberals and conservatives in Washington wants the next president to give bipartisanship a chance.

Huntsman group unveils plans to solve America’s woes

The 60-point agenda includes creating 25 million new jobs over the next decade, securing Social Security and Medicare for the next 75 years, balancing the budget by 2030 and making America "energy secure" by 2024.

No Labels Sees Voters Ready for Bold Ideas

Recognizing that politicians like to be in step with public opinion, No Labels did extensive polling and found and broad public support for the sorts of solutions they’re laying out.

How do you save Social Security? It’s not rocket science.

The solution to some of the country's most-pressing problems is not rocket science. From No Labels to think tanks to congressional blue-ribbon panels, practical bipartisan solutions are plentiful.

60 Ways to Fix the Economy

Working with our pro-bono partner Deloitte Consulting, No Labels conducted almost 20 policy workshops featuring policy experts, former senior government and military officials, and business and community leaders from across the political spectrum.

Here’s How the Next President Can Fix the Economy: No Labels

The presidential campaign has been long on conflict and short on serious policy proposals. But a candidate who got behind a thoughtful, bipartisan policy agenda could get a lot done in the White House.

Here’s 60 Ways to Keep America Great

Key to the No Labels effort is an assumption that the nation’s problems are eminently solvable.

Bipartisan highway bill offers hope for infrastructure

Bipartisanship in the world of transportation should be a given: Transportation affects all Americans and all aspects of American life.

Reroute American Politics in 2016

As we begin 2016, we are blessed with an opportunity: Elect people who will change course and reroute our nation's politics, people devoted to fixing our nation's problems rather than perpetuating themselves, a president who will work with leaders from both parties to get things done.

The Power of the Problem-Solving Promise

It helps to think about it this way: Voters are looking for a real solution to the problems that decades of partisan politics have left unresolved. Regardless of your political leaning, there is appeal in the idea that a deliberate process – one that begins with goal setting and is followed by negotiating policy details – would bring forward momentum to our stuck federal government.

More partisans than statesmen

Our politics are producing more partisans than statesmen. On the right and left, candidates and activists emphasize their identity as adherents to a party or ideology or interest group rather than devotion to our shared identity as Americans.

The need for common ground

History shows us that powerful, substantive change only comes with buy-in from both parties.

Jon Huntsman and Joseph Lieberman: The Republican SCOTUS Blockade Is ‘Not Acceptable’

Our country—and our Constitution—deserve better. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

Editorial: Maybe, just maybe, the feud can end

Here’s the beautiful thing about a representative democracy: When enough people grow tired of playing the same old game, they can change it.

How One Political Start-Up Is Trying to Fight Gridlock

No Labels staffed its lean, low-budget headquarters with talented young people who were willing to walk through walls in return for very modest compensation. The atmosphere was part underdog political campaign, part Silicon Valley venture.

Six presidential candidates take ‘Problem Solver Promise’

Six presidential candidates have taken the No Labels “Problem Solver Promise,” according to No Labels co-chairmen Jon Huntsman and Joe Lieberman.

Reroute American Politics in 2016

This is the year we can begin our nation's politics again and address the issues plaguing our government.

Problem solvers? Six presidential candidates find common ground

No Labels, a bipartisan group, is calling on candidates to pledge to work together to address job creation, entitlements, the federal budget, and energy.

No Labels: ‘People want the government to work again’

The co-chairmen of the bipartisan No Labels organization said Monday that Americans are hungry for government cooperation

Six presidential hopefuls take ‘Problem Solver Promise’

Six presidential hopefuls have found some common ground on the nation's future, according to a bipartisan group created to bridge the divide between Republicans, Democrats and independents.

‘No Labels’: Putting problem solving on center-stage

No Labels originated with a simple idea: to solve any problem you need to set goals, get people to buy in and put a process in place. This is how any well-run business or household makes decisions — and it’s how a well-run government should make decisions.

Our Turn: When did bipartisanship become a sign of weakness?

The art of bipartisanship has kept our nation together for over two centuries. But today, this kind of statesmanship is perceived as weakness, and finger-pointing is the new political sport. It is time to raise the sail to move forward – together – with a common purpose.

Huntsman, Lieberman return to New Hampshire

Joe Lieberman and Jon Huntsman once again are pinning their hopes on New Hampshire. But this time, they're managing a campaign without a candidate.

No Labels on Social Security

William Galston touches on America's fear around her entitlement issues and the need for No Labels' National Strategic Agenda.

Jon Huntsman and Joe Lieberman: NH, for 2016, go for a problem solver with a plan

Just as the components of granite determine the uniqueness of the rock itself, so too do the components of New Hampshire voters. Unique in that 43 percent of registered New Hampshire voters are undeclared, this means that a major portion of the voting population are waiting for a candidate to prove him or herself to be a problem solver.

‘No Labels’ pushes 2016 commitment

The group, led by Gov. Huntsman and Sen. Lieberman, are sponsoring a convention next month in NH that will bring voters and presidential candidates together to talk about how negotiations should happen.

‘No Labels’ group seeks non-partisan solutions

Sporting the bright green “No Labels Problem Solver” T-shirt... voters have been pressing the candidates to adopt the No Labels agenda and attend the organization’s national convention in Manchester, scheduled for Oct. 12.

No Labels betting on N.H. voters to push ‘for problem solver’ president

They’re counting on New Hampshire to play a big role in showing the rest of the nation that voters can get behind a candidate who’s more interested in problem-solving than political pandering.

Congress Rides With the Ghost of Eisenhower

The McConnell-Boxer bill is symbolic of what can happen in Congress when bipartisan resources are dedicated to the problem—when we stop filling pot holes and instead repair the road itself.

A movement focused on results

The National Strategic Agenda promotes a fundamental business concept that readily translates to the world of government

Pataki’s call for bipartisan approach shows a true leader

Our next president must be ready to work side by side with conservatives, liberals and independents if we want to address these top concerns because, as time has proven, no party has been able to resolve these alone.

Lieberman, Huntsman push for national moderate agenda

"That's the whole idea here — to offer No Labels as a vehicle to the American people who are frustrated, disappointed and angry about their government."

USA Freedom Act Offers Hope for Bipartisanship

No Labels is an organization built on the premise that our country is only great when all parties participate in the legislative process and that problem solving should supersede partisan politics.

The surprising power of citizen engagement

The National Strategic Agenda seeks to bypass the constraints of partisan politics and address the knotty and long-standing issues facing our nation. In order to agree on solutions to these problems, our senators and representatives must first understand the urgency with which we, as constituents, request their support.

What Rolling Thunder Can Teach America

Rolling Thunder has become a symbol of American spirit, of our ability to rise above political differences and honor those forgotten soldiers who went to fight knowing they had very little support back home.

Congress Slowly Building Bipartisan Brawn

We must encourage these small steps toward positive change in the way Congress works.

With Doc Fix Plan, a Template for Problem Solving

With the next doc fix deadline coming up at the end of March, there is hope the cycle can be broken thanks to a bipartisan coalition of Problem Solvers.

A new process of decision making in Washington

A divided government shouldn't be an excuse for gridlock.

Crafting a Strategic Plan for America

No Labels co-founder Andrew Bursky discuss the need for a process to create a National Strategic Agenda for America's Next President.

Win Votes by Solving Problems

As a Republican and a Democrat, we are both proud of where we come from on the political spectrum, but we believe that our country is stronger when leaders from both parties sit down to agree to common goals, then negotiate the various ways those goals might be achieved.

No Labels Sewanee invites political discourse

Rarely does the United States government see examples of bi-partisan collaboration. For that matter, neither does Sewanee. However, the non-profit organization No Labels is trying to change that in both cases.

Bipartisan political group holds first think tank

Members of the Roosevelt Institute, USC College Republicans, USC College Democrats and Political Student Assembly attended to discuss and formulate solutions regarding broad economic growth and job creation.

Lanny Davis: No Labels is exactly what America needs

“All we want to do is ask committed liberals and committed conservatives to talk — not to give up their principles, but to reach out and find common ground to try to solve problems.” That seems pretty simple and not too much to ask.

A Hunger for Progress Through Compromise

When asked to name the issue that would be most important in deciding their vote Nov. 4, 23% of respondents said job creation and economic growth. But tied for first place, also with 23%, was this: “breaking the partisan gridlock in Congress to get things done.”

The Purple Agenda: A National Strategy to Bridge Left and Right

Our leaders need to embrace an attitude where working with the other party to solve problems is seen as a virtue and not a weakness.

Iowa: The first ‘problem-solver’ state

Created with input from people across the country at a series of Ideas meetings over the course of the coming year, the National Strategic Agenda will provide the answers as to how America can unite, across party lines, to solve some of the most important challenges we face.

New Push to Get Partisans Talking

No Labels arrives this week with its own new book, representing the next step in its plan to pull Washington out of the partisan feuding that wore down Mr. Gates.

It’s Time to Break the Gridlock

Is it interesting when two people agree? How about a group of people? What if they can’t agree on everything, but they can agree on 75 percent of things?

No Labels Gathers Allies In DC to Start 2016 Push

Lawmakers and strategists from both parties are gathering to outline a plan to save Social Security, add 25 million jobs and balance the federal budget.

America needs a game plan for next president and Congress

With the National Strategic Agenda, No Labels is bringing a unity of purpose that has been missing in our government.

Can the two parties agree on priorities and goals?

Political leaders like to talk about forging consensus and being “uniters, not dividers,” but they seldom explain how they would achieve this political holy grail. No Labels’ call for a new governing process — developing goals together that provide the shared vision for a national agenda — is a blueprint.