Problem Solvers Action Center

Thank you for standing with No Labels to tell Members of Congress to agree to be problem solvers! Can you help us make sure our leaders get the message loud and clear by sharing with your friends and family, writing a letter to the editor, or contacting your representatives right now?

Spread the word and email your friends to sign on

The success of No Labels depends on the size and dedication of our grassroots army, which is growing every single day.  But we need more new members to join and more existing members to do more.  Our ability to fix our government begins with you.  Please click here to recruit friends and family to join our movement dedicated to creating a new politics of problem-solving in America.

Call, email and meet with your member of Congress

The best ideas don’t always win in Washington.  The ideas that do win – the ones that get turned into legislation – are often those with the most intensely dedicated group of people behind them.  If enough No Labelers contact their member of Congress, they WILL pay attention, and take action on the issues we care about.  Please call, email or meet with member of Congress today.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper

Reaching out to your friends and family isn’t the only way to spread the No Labels message.  A well-placed letter to the editor of your local newspaper can get the attention of your fellow citizens and your member of Congress.

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