Problem-Solver’s Daily: Agenda unveiled

AGENDA UNVEILED: The White House released its regulatory agenda on Friday, outlining its plans for thousands of rules across federal government agencies. “Formally known as the Unified Agenda, the document is an agency-by-agency list of rules in the works at some 60 departments and offices,” writes Benjamin Goad. “A cursory look revealed no major surprises. Regulations often take years to enact and most of the rules contained on the list have appeared on multiple editions,” he adds: Benjamin Goad for The Hill: White House unveils regulatory agenda
MAKING A DIFFERENCE: What can lawmakers do to close the voter disconnect? Linda Killian forThe Wall Street Journal: How Politicians Could Close the Voter Disconnect
CLIMATE CHANGE: Man-made climate change is highly debated right now and your stance on the issue may be determined by your states political leaning. A map from POLITICO Magazine shows that, “the states facing the most warming tend to vote for Democrats, while the states facing the least tend to vote Republican.” POLITICO Magazine: Red State, Blue State, Hot State, Cold State
STAT OF THE DAY: The national average for a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.66, which is a fraction of a cent lower than last year: Clifford Krauss for The New York Times: As Summer Driving Beckons, Gas Prices Are All Over the Map


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