Problem-Solver’s Daily: Bridging the divide

BRIDGING THE DIVIDE: "House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan carries enormous clout within his party, and he’s going to need it. A number of rank-and-file House Republicans are signaling that they will probably give Mr. Ryan the benefit of the doubt and vote to approve his budget resolution on Thursday. He can only afford to lose roughly a dozen GOP defections, or the budget resolution likely won’t pass," write Damian Paletta and Kristina Peterson. Our lawmakers should come together in order to solve our nation's problems: Damian Paletta and Kristina Peterson for The Wall Street Journal: Ryan Budget Attempts to Bridge GOP Divide
IMMIGRATION REFORM: "Leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus voiced confidence Wednesday that if the Republican-led House fails to undertake immigration reform this year, the administration will act by executive action," write Brian Bennett and Lisa Mascaro. This is not the way to lead. Both sides of the aisle need to work together: Brian Bennett and Lisa Mascaro for the Los Angeles Times: White House may slow immigration deportations unless Congress acts
SPENDING BILLS PASSED: "The House Appropriations Committee gave quick approval Wednesday to the first two of its 12 annual spending bills, including new funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs and the daily operations of the Capitol itself," writes David Rogers: David Rogers for POLITICO: House panel quickly approves spending bills
NO LABELS RADIO: In case you missed it, Sen. Chris Coons spoke about manufacturing in America on last week's No Labels Radio show. Listen to the clip here.
STAT OF THE DAY: Congress's approval rating stands at 13 percent heading into a two-week recess, according to a new poll: Mario Trujillo for The Hill: Approval of Congress stands at 13 percent


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