Problem-Solver’s Daily: Budget plan

BUDGET PLAN: "The House approved a fiscal 2015 budget on Thursday that would cut federal spending by $5 trillion and significantly revamp social welfare programs. The measure, which cleared the House 219-205, is essentially a political document that has no chance of being passed in the Democratic-controlled Senate. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan is expected to relinquish his gavel at the end of this Congress and his final budget is seen as more of an outline of Republican priorities, including the repeal of Obamacare," writes Lauren French. Lawmakers need to create shared goals in order to pass a budget everyone can agree to: Lauren French for POLITICO: House passes Ryan budget
LEAST PRODUCTIVE CONGRESS EVER: President Barack Obama recently said the 113th Congress is the least productive in recent history: Chris Cillizza for The Washington Post: Yes, President Obama is right. The 113th Congress will be the least productive in history.
FEUDING LEADERS: "The raw feelings still lingering over Democrats’ unilateral change to the Senate’s filibuster rules were on public display on Thursday, when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) bitterly feuded over each others’ leadership. Reid accused the GOP of standing for little other than seeking to 'stand around here and do nothing,' while McConnell said Reid had a 'behavior problem' for the way he treats the minority," writes Burgess Everett. Our leaders need to work together to solve our nation's problems: Burgess Everett for POLITICO: Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell battle on the floor
STAT OF THE DAY: Residents in Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa most frequently say their teachers are respected. Slightly more than six in 10 residents in each state say their teachers are well-respected: Stephanie Kafka, Jordan Jeromchek, and Susan Sorenson for Gallup: States in West and Midwest Lead Nation in Teacher Respect


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