Problem-Solver’s Daily: Delaying action

DELAYING ACTION: “The partisan waters of the Senate floor washed back upstream to the Appropriations Committee Thursday, leaving Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski on the defensive about delaying action on key spending bills — caught between White House veto threats and Republican amendments. More than anyone in the Senate, Mikulski has a stake in restoring some life and order to the moribund appropriations process and typically no one matches her hard-charging ways. But twice in recent weeks she has stalled committee action on bills impacting four major Cabinet departments and her latest decision touched a nerve since it ran counter to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.),” writes David Rogers. Lawmakers should work together to solve important issues: David Rogers for POLITICO: Barbara Mikulski delays action on key appropriations bills
MILITARY MOVEMENT: President Barack Obama announced Thursday he is prepared to send up to 300 special forces to Iraq to train and advise Iraqi troops and defend American interests in the country. Obama noted “American forces will not be returning to combat in Iraq,” but that the United States was prepared to take targeted, precise military action: Zeke J Miller for Time: Obama to Deploy Special Forces to Iraq
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STAT OF THE DAY: “About six in 10 people who bought their own health insurance through Affordable Care Act exchanges were previously uninsured, according to a new survey providing one of the first comprehensive looks at the insurance landscape after the health care law's first open enrollment period,” writes Jason Millman: Jason Millman for The Washington Post: Most Obamacare exchange enrollees were previously uninsured, survey finds


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