Problem-Solver’s Daily: Dividing a party

DIVIDING A PARTY: “A push to give legal status to young undocumented immigrants who serve in the military is roiling the immigration debate in the House, dividing Republicans and reviving some movement toward substantive immigration legislation this year,” write Jonathan Weisman and Ashley Parker. Instead of being divided, our lawmakers should unite in order to solve our nation's problems: Jonathan Weisman and Ashley Parker for The New York Times: Immigration Bill Splitting House G.O.P.
EXECUTIVE ORDERS: “The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has given the White House six pages of recommendations on how the Obama administration might proceed with executive orders to curb deportations of illegal immigrants,” writes Emma Dumain. Rather than using executive orders, our leaders in government should work together and create shared goals: Emma Dumain for Roll Call: Gutierrez: Obama Ready to Halt Deportations With Executive Orders
LOSING APPEAL: Being a congressional committee chairman seems to have lost some of its allure: Chris Cillizza for The Washington Post: Congressional committee chairs have lost much of their prestige, allure
STAT OF THE DAY: About 620,000 people who are unemployed have been looking three years or longer: Paul Davidson for USA TODAY: Hope flickers for workers jobless for years


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