Problem-Solver’s Daily: Division in government

DIVISION IN GOVERNMENT: “The majority of Americans want their government to work, and it needs to work for all of us,” said former Sen. Olympia Snowe in a recent speech. We need lawmakers to work together so our government can be more efficient. Our Make Government Work! legislative package is a first step in rebuilding trust in government: Mary C. Curtis for The Washington Post: Olympia Snowe, on compromise, Citizens United and former colleague Kay Hagan
FALLING DEFICIT: “The U.S. government’s deficit will fall to $492 billion this year, according to the Congressional Budget Office, a steeper drop than originally predicted from $680 billion in fiscal year 2013,” writes Derek Wallbank: Derek Wallbank for Bloomberg: U.S. Deficit Cut by Almost One-Third to $492 Billion: CBO
PAYING TRIBUTE: Survivors, first responders and lawmakers will honor those affected by the bombings at the Boston Marathon one year ago today: Jennifer Levitz for The Wall Street Journal: Boston to Pay Tribute a Year After the Marathon Bombing
STAT OF THE DAY: One in four people waited until today to file their tax returns: Kevin G. Hall forMcClatchy: Survey says . . . most won’t sweat income tax deadline


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