Problem-Solver’s Daily: Finding agreement

FINDING AGREEMENT – “John Boehner: GOP needs debt plan ‘consensus'” by Jake Sherman for POLITICOSpeaker John Boehner is urging House Republicans to agree on a plan to lift the debt ceiling in an effort to avoid the Senate making a plan first. Rather than competing, our lawmakers need to work together to solve our problems:
FINALLY, A FARM BILL – “Senate advances farm bill” by Erik Wasson and Ramsey Cox for The Hill: The Senate voted to end debate and advance a $956 billion farm bill Monday, after several years of struggles. A vote is expected Tuesday afternoon, afterwards it will be sent to President Barack Obama for approval: 
NO LABELS RADIO – Michael Porter on “No Labels Radio”: Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School talked about competitiveness and what it means to voters with Gov. Jon Huntsman on SiriusXM's P.O.T.U.S. channel 124:
PROBLEM SOLVER BIRTHDAY – Happy birthday to Problem Solver Rep. Sanford Bishop! Watch his speech from our Rally to Make Government Work!
THE DAILY BREAK – “It was just the dumbest luck — Facebook's first employees look back” by Seth Fiegerman for Mashable:
ACTION OF THE DAY – Have you read our e-book, No Labels: A Shared Vision for a Stronger America? Buy it here:
STAT OF THE DAY – “How Congress became the most polarized and unproductive it's ever been” by Chris Cillizza for The Washington PostCongress is expected to pass less than 100 bills this year — and it's also the most polarized it has ever been:


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