Problem-Solver’s Daily: Forced to act

FORCED TO ACT: “Congress’s continuing failure to even begin to deal with the challenge of climate change has left President [Barack] Obama and the [Environmental Protection Agency] with no choice but to use their legal powers to try avert a climate catastrophe. It would be irresponsible not to do so,” write Sen. Joe Lieberman and Tim Profeta. The pair cite years of work in Congress trying to pass bipartisan legislation but were unsuccessful, forcing Obama and the EPA to act: Joe Lieberman and Tim Profeta for POLITICO Magazine: Why Obama Had to Act on Climate
LOOMING DEADLINE: Unless Congress acts, the Highway Trust Fund will soon run out of money to continue construction on our nation's roads: Billy House for National Journal: Highway-Funding Crisis Has Lawmakers Scrambling
THE DAILY BREAK: These students got out of taking their final exams because of Twitter. Check it out.
STAT OF THE DAY: Manufacturing activity accelerated last month to 55.4 from 54.9 in April, the fourth consecutive month of improvement. Readings above 50 indicate expansion: Brenda Cronin and Kathleen Madigan for The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Factories Expanded in May


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