Problem-Solver’s Daily: Insignificant legislation

INSIGNIFICANT LEGISLATION: While thousands of bills are introduced in Congress each session, few of them become law and even fewer of them are substantial. We need lawmakers to focus on the most important issues in our country: Richard Simon for the Los Angeles Times: Oddball bills stand out in Congress
JOB OPPORTUNITIES: There's some good news for college students who are graduating this spring — the job market is improving. “The Labor Department on Tuesday said the unemployment rate for 2013 college graduates — defined as those ages 20 to 29 who earned a four-year or advanced degree — was 10.9 percent. That was down from 13.3 percent in 2012 and was the lowest since 7.7 percent in 2007. The drop reflects the steady recovery in overall U.S. economic growth and hiring,” writes Paul Wiseman: Paul Wiseman for the Associated Press: Job Market for College Grads Better but Still Weak
TICKET-SPLITTING: “In 2012, the percentage of ticket-splitting districts slipped into single digits for the first time in 92 years. Just 26 members of Congress currently represent districts that the presidential nominee not of their party won in 2012 — 17 Republicans hold districts carried by President Obama in 2012 while nine Democrats hold districts won by Mitt Romney,” writes Chris Cillizza: Chris Cillizza for The Washington Post: Ticket-splitting reached a 92 year low in 2012
NO LABELS RADIO: Did you miss Kathleen Madigan of The Wall Street Journal on last weekend's No Labels Radio show? Don't worry! You can listen here.
THE DAILY BREAK: The best way to watch fireworks is with a GoPro drone camera. Check it out.
STAT OF THE DAY: “A firm majority of Americans, 59 percent, are worried about not having enough money for retirement,” writes Andrew Dugan: Andrew Dugan for Gallup: Retirement Remains Americans' Top Financial Worry


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