Problem-Solver’s Daily: No more middle

NO MORE MIDDLE: The ideological middle in Congress no longer exists — and there are many reasons why: Chris Cillizza for The Washington Post: The ideological middle in Congress is dead. So, who killed it?
FOCUS ON WHAT IS IMPORTANT: “Ukrainian government troops seized an airport from pro-Russian separatists in an ‘anti-terrorist' operation covered on TV around the world on Tuesday. Meanwhile, in Washington, President Barack Obama phoned the University of Connecticut’s basketball coaches to congratulate them on their recent tournament wins,” writes Philip Ewing. Nothing new is expected to happen today but Secretary of State John Kerry plans to push the U.S. case for diplomacy on Thursday. Our leaders in government should focus on our country's most important issues: Philip Ewing for POLITICO: Ukraine is business as usual in Washington
JOB TRAINING: President Barack Obama will announce a $600 million plan for government job training next week: Justin Sink for The Hill: Obama to tout $600M job training effort
PROBLEM SOLVER BIRTHDAY: Happy birthday to Problem Solver Rep. John Delaney! Watch his speech at the Rally to Make Government Work!
THE DAILY BREAK: Some Capitol Hill staffers will run in the Boston Marathon next week. We wish them the best of luck!
STAT OF THE DAY: “According to the Pew Research Center, in a survey of 1,504 adults in mid-January, 68% of Democrats think that the gap between the rich and everyone else has increased during the past decade. But so do 67% of Independents and—more surprisingly—61% of Republicans,” writes No Labels Co-Founder Bill Galston: Bill Galston for The Wall Street Journal: A Bipartisan Consensus on Income Inequality?


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